Unity Central is a software company, based in Cupertino, California, neighbored by Apple Computers and the lot, that provides a suite of solutions through an immersive experience, wherein digital assets are consolidated to provide value by allowing professional users to seamlessly operate and improve their workflow through a series of key features like Ripple, Flow, Radius and others, creating a professionals ultimate business HQ - fueled by a patented Digital Ledger.

Started under the roof of Boardwalktech, Inc., Unity Central has created its own identity, fueled by the IP and patents by its parent company.

Surf through the tsunami of data with Unity Central.

Meet Our Team

Roh Krishnan

Chief Product Officer (Interim CEO)

Steven Birdwell

Chief of Design

Ashish Baluja

VP of Engineering

Tom Seago

Chief Technology Officer

Nick Hammer

Product Marketing Specialist & Brand Ambassador

Nick Larson

Brand Ambassador


Drue Freeman

Dharmesh Dadbhawala

Ravi Krishnan

Team Gallery

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