Why We Created Unity Central

Organizations deal with a lot of data, and it comes in many forms.

There is structured data like log files, spreadsheets, tables, and sql databases.

This data was once the bulk of information that lived in a given company, and is why SQL, Excel, and others have historically been a necessity to manage and extract insights from an organizations 'data lake'.However, with the explosion of a new digital age, 85% of all enterprise information is now unstructured, and comes in the form of emails, documents, images, videos, social media and more.

This unstructured data is stored in disconnected systems, where it rapidly diversifies and evolves, increases in volume, ultimately becoming harder to manage and understand every single day.

With the new reality, 70% of businesses do not know how to handle this influx of information, and because of this, gaps in knowledge continue to grow, resulting in a situation where companies cannot organize, manage, or search the majority of their information.The people who rely on this data to make vital decisions do not think in rows, columns or raw text.

They use knowledge, research, creativity, inspiration, drive and gut instinct.

It's about time people had a way to be able to ask questions about this data and receive answers in a language they understand.

That is why we created Unity Central. To solve the age old, yet ever evolving challenge that is:

How can I ask a question and get the right answer?


Unity Central is a software company, based in Cupertino, California, neighbored by Apple Computers that provides a suite of solutions through an immersive experience, wherein digital assets are consolidated to provide value by allowing professional users to seamlessly operate and improve their workflow through a series of key features like Ripple, Flow, Radius and others, creating a professionals ultimate business HQ - fueled by a patented Digital Ledger.

Meet Our Team

Roh Krishnan

Chief Product Officer (Interim CEO)

Steven Birdwell

Chief of Design

Ashish Baluja

VP of Engineering

Tom Seago

Chief Technology Officer

Nick Hammer

Product Marketing Specialist & Brand Ambassador

Nick Larson

Chief Revenue Officer


Drue Freeman

Dharmesh Dadbhawala

Ravi Krishnan

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Our goal is to allow people to interact and activate their experience with unstructured data in a collaborative, safe, & efficient manner.