Radius Control Tower

Supply chains become longer, more global, and increasingly complex

Enable a bird’s eye view of your supply chain network to ensure that all the parts are moving together and performing as expected

95% of companies have next to 0 visibility into their supply chain - until now.

Radius leverages the Network of Words (NOW) patent pending technology that absorbs structured and unstructured data that was previously not available in a timely manner to chart courses and derive insights for the enterprise.

Analytics & Compliance Dashboard

Marrying structured and unstructured information and presenting it visually with the provenance of all changes captured enables your organization to make faster, better decisions and uncover relationships that you did not know existed before because you could not effectively process the data

Control Tower

Shipment notices, inventory data, forecasts, and open orders are all presented visually with the provenance of all changes captured and predictive analytics​
Benefits of Using Boardwalk Radius
Boardwalk Radius offers a new approach where we exactly mirror the original document/information source (EDI, PFD, Excel, and SQL) and use them to correlate structured and unstructured information without any transformation. This is a powerful new way to get full visibility and correlation​
Actionable Information
The Radius Control Tower enables Retail, CPG, Apparel and other companies across industries to amplify useful information ripples and suppress disruptive ripples to better manage and make actionable rapid product, customer and market-driven responses​
Decisions 50-80% Faster
The only way companies will thrive in this rapidly changing environment is to have better, more relevant information faster so decisions can be made in minutes or hours vs days or weeks​
Lower Risk. Better Results​.
Being able to make your enterprise information actionable will lower risk and deliver better results including reduced time to market, a reduction in operational costs, and better operating performance​
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