Research smarter. Make better decisions faster. No longer do you need to have a degree in computer science to run powerful, yet simply written queries.

Minimum input, maximum output, in the words that we use daily. Google is to search, as Ripple is to research, correlations, and connecting previously unseen dots.

A New Way to Interact with Enterprise Information

Ripple is a patent pending Network of Words (NOW) technology offering a completely new way to research and correlate structured and unstructured enterprise information

Expert Visibility

The typical approach for visibility into enterprise information is to convert documents that represent the state of the data into structured data sets in SQL. This approach has a very high cost of transformation and a loss of information because many times critical data is sitting in free text or comments​

Centralize Your Structured and Unstructured Data

Free yourself from the costly, time-consuming, and rigid approach of enterprise visibility and utilize an innovation – working with WORDS not DATA which makes it difficult for any enterprise information, structured or unstructured, to slip through the cracks​
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